Rolety a plisse

they are increasingly replacing curtains and drapes in our interiors


They represent a unique combination of horizontal blinds and attractive fabric blinds By alternating the two fabrics, you can regulate the light from 50% to 100% shading. The DAY / NIGHT duo blind offers a completely unique and original look. You choose the ideal balance between shading and decoration.

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Roletky den/noc
Roletky Plisse

Pleated blinds

It combines blinds and shutters. It offers an attractive possibility of interior shading, you can variably cover the surface of the windows from the bottom or top, or even from the center of the window. Plisse are popular in bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms, where they provide complete privacy in an elegant design thanks to blackout. You can match the color of the fabric with your home.

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Fabric blinds

Fabric blinds are a modern classic that will never go out of style. They guarantee a very effective way of shading and at the same time they are a decorative and practical accessory. An inexhaustible number of colors, materials and patterns will give your home perfect privacy and a touch of elegance.

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Látkové roletky


If you do not like classic lamella blinds, we offer a combination of benefit with design in the form of internal textile blinds, roller blinds or pleats. We offer dozens of color variants, including patterned fabrics.


We are a modern company with an innovative approach to the development of new solutions and products. We specialize in the production and sale of various indoor and outdoor blinds, insect screens and wholesale sales of components for their production. In addition to blinds, our portfolio also includes blinds, garage doors, awnings and other shading technology.